TypeExplosion protection
RGOST (EAC) - Explosion protection
TypeEU Declaration of Conformity
REU conformity R.pdfRL 2014/68/EU (PED)
Excluded from the scope of Art. 1, § 2, letter j)
REU conformity R.pdfRL 2006/42/EG (Machinery Directive)
Incomplete machine (valve actuator with or without interface according to EN ISO 5211)
REU conformity R.pdfRL 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
Excluded from the scope according to ignition hazard assessment according to DIN EN ISO 80079-36, para. 5.2
REAC 00125/TP TC.pdfDeclaration of Conformity
TR CU 032/2013 Safety of pressure equipment (PED) and
TR CU 010/2011 Safety of machinery (Machinery Directive)
Excluded from the scope.