TypeEU Declaration of Conformity
3710EU conformity 3710.pdfREACH (CE) n°1907/2006
3710EU conformity 3710.pdfChina RoHS 2.0 GB/T26572-2011
3710EU conformity 3710.pdfRoHS 2011/65/EU, 2015/863/EU, EN50581:2012, IEC 63000:2016
TypeClassification of Steel Ships
3710LR2004388TA.pdfLR Type Approval Certificate
371062895_A0 BV.pdfBV Type Approval Certificate
3710SMS.W.II./3723/C.0.pdfBV Certificate: Recognition for BV Mode II, Germany
3710SMS.W.II./50146/A.0.pdfBV Certificate: Recognition for BV Mode II, France
3710TAP000023Y.pdfDNV GL Type Approval Certificate
371020-1995194-PDA.pdfABS Product Design Assessment Certificate
3710On requestTR CU 010/2011
3710On requestTR CU 032/2013